Best Travel Wedding Ideas

If you are one of the people who are looking for their next passport stamp, you should probably have a travel-themed wedding.
Themed weddings are great if you planned them well. If you did not, they can be cheesy and not cool at all. However, since you love traveling, it is clear that you want a travel-themed wedding. 
We have made a list of creative, funny, adorable and unique travel wedding ideas to give you the inspiration you need for your own wedding. 
Here is our list for your travel wedding.

1. The Departure Style and Your Own Journey as a Couple:
Do you know the airport terminal’s departures board? It is a great idea to guide your guests to their seats using a seating chart similar to it. You can add touches of creativity by adding things like destination names and boarding gates. Match the gates and destinations with the names of the tables to guide your guests to their places. It is fun and will be like an airport.
The names of the tables can be your journey as a couple. For example, MANCHESTER, IT IS WHERE WE FIRST KISSED can work as a perfect table name. You can come up with hundreds of ideas. For example, where you are going to spend the honeymoon, where you first met, where the proposal happened, and more.

2. The Reception Décor:
Old luggage and travel suitcases are highly recommended to be your reception décor. If the wedding is in summer, you can create a picnic area using vintage stamps and old postcards. You can rent old luggage and travel suitcases or collect them from friends and family members.

3. Customization of a World Globe:
Marriage is a journey and the wedding is the beginning of this adventure. The centerpiece of the wedding card can be something indicating the begging of this journey. For example, TO HOME WITH LOVE or LET THE JOURNEY BEGIN can work perfectly to customize a wedding globe wedding. Also, instead of the regular table numbers, you can use globes with unique names. Place them on the tables to guide your guests to their places.

4. Vintage Paper Flower Map Wreaths& Vintage Travel Wedding Map Signs:
Use vintage paper flower maps to make handmade paper wreaths. Make two or three and add them to your reception décor. It is great in pictures and can be perfect for engagement shoots. Write lovely words like LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN. 
Vintage wedding map signs are also great. Things like YOU ARE MY GREATEST JOURNEY are very lovely. Travel quotes can be really emotional and beautiful.

5. Vintage Globe Travel Table Numbers:
Do you know the vintage world map you see all the time? It can be great for vintage and rustic weddings. Add them on each table and wrap the globe around bottles. 

There are tons of ideas out there and you can think of more. If you do not know how to start or feel somehow stressful, you can hire a wedding planner to get you through the situation. They know exactly what you want and will help you a lot to create the best travel-themed wedding.

The Ideal UK Wedding

“Not all weddings in the UK are the same. ”This was the answer of most photographers when we asked them about the ideal UK wedding. However, they gave us many ideas to make your wedding ideal.

1. Initial Preparations:
People love documenting the whole wedding day. That is why they hire photographers to take as many shots as possible to all the preparations. Photos of the dresses, suits, rings, flowers, makeup, hair, and all the other details are the way to document these moments forever. Try to keep the location of these pictures as clean as possible. The photographer should arrive early to take care of the light and the whole location. Besides, the makeup may take longer than the stylist says so you need to be ready for this possible delay and schedule an early appointment. 
The cars also are an essential part of the early preparations.

2. The First Look:
This usually takes about 30 minutes to 45 minutes and it is the best location for it is a venue garden. The bride and groom will see each other for the first time and enjoy themselves while being photographed. It can be a full photo session or just a couple of portraits. Family and friends photos with the couple are also recommended.

3. The Main Wedding Party Photo Sessions:
It takes around 1 hour depending on how big your wedding is. The guests will start showing up. Photographers usually start with some formal images then fun and creative images with the guests.
A part of this section is family photos; only the family. The parents, grandparents, siblings, and other family members should take as many pictures as possible with the bride, groom, and special guests.
It is better to make a list of all the family members that you should take pictures with.

4. Wedding Details & Venue:
You should spend some time searching for the best venue for your wedding and planning all the little details. Things like how the guests will enter, how they will leave, serving drinks and foods, taking pictures, the dancing floor, the music, and all details that may be left out take your wedding to a whole new level.
It is better to discuss all the arrangements with your family members, friends, and of course the bride/groom. They will come up with great ideas.

5. Things You Are Going to Forget:
There are many things to plan. So it is completely normal that a few things might fall through the cracks. Here are the top things people forget while planning their weddings.
• Make sure the weather will be fine on the wedding day. Make a have a plan B in case of inclement weather.
• Sunset is the ideal photographing time. Know when the sun will set and arrange it with your photographer.
• Provide extra seats. People usually like sitting next to each other and 20 more chairs will help them to get together easily.
• Some guests may have food or drinks allergies and others may be vegans or vegetarians. Provide your caterer with a list of people who have special situations to avoid serving them something they do not want.
• Bring a change of clothes. Accidents happen. Besides, you will need to change if you are traveling immediately after the wedding. 

Why Should You Hire a Mobile Bar for Your Wedding?

Liquor is an essential part of any big celebration, event, and of course, weddings. It is necessary to think of a way to provide your guests with liquor without spending too much while planning your wedding.

Before going through the reasons and benefits of hiring a mobile bar, here are the bar options that most people have at their big celebrations, especially weddings.

• Open Bar:
You will have to pay for all the drinks. Open bars mean that the hosts of the event pay for drinks. It is expensive so people on tight budgets should not choose this option.

• Limited Open Bar:
This option is less expensive since a limited number of beverages and drinks are served for free and for a specified time. If a guest wants another drink outside the selection of beverages, he/she will pay for it.

• Cash Bar:
Guests pay for their drinks.
Mobile bars are perfect whether you are going to have an open bar or a cash bar. They serve your guests professionally and meeting the needs of everyone. It is important to search for the best suppliers in your area. Besides, ask for the prices, compare, and choose the best supplier according to your budget.
Here are the top five reasons why you should hire a mobile bar.

1. Save Some Money:
Most people think that mobile bars make serving alcohol more expensive. The truth is, hiring a mobile bar to reduce costs. Most people get liquor according to the number of guests attending the wedding. If so, there will be leftovers because some guests will not show and others will take a lot of time to confirm their attendance. When you hire a mobile bar, you do not have to worry about all this. You will have a full bar and the supplier will not charge you for any leftovers.

2. Avoid Stress:
Alcohol suppliers are experts. You do not have to worry about the requests of your guests because they will be professionally fulfilled. You will have many other things to worry about; leave alcohol to experts.

3. Best Trendy Drinks:
Your list of drinks shows how generous you are. It is like choosing the best food caterer. Having a professional bar service catering trendy drinks and cocktails take your wedding to a whole new level. Everyone will talk about how awesome your wedding is when they have their food and drinks served professionally.

4. Mobile Bars Make Your Wedding Characteristic: 
Mobile bars distinguish your wedding and make it exciting and funny. Some suppliers suggest having a pop-up bar too. They add value to your whole wedding experience. The great set-ups can be used as a great view for photo sessions.

5. The Best Meeting Points:
Bars work as meeting points in any celebration. People wait there until they have their drinks and chat together. Family members, guests, and friends will meet there to mingle, chat, and know each other. It is better than having your guests sitting until their drinks arrive. Instead, they will move around, grab a drink, and have conversations with others.
Besides, it will be outstanding if you set the mobile bar next to the dance floor. You will find couples ending up there dancing.